The Birth of Fire Cat Farm

Our rescue organization originated during the devastating Camp Fire in Butte County, California where we dedicated ourselves to rescuing, caring for, and reuniting/rehoming cats left homeless by the disaster.

The Camp Fire in Butte County, California on November 8th, 2018 left thousands of cats homeless. We spent most of our time after that fateful day up on the ridge rescuing cats and caring for them at our farm. Many people asked how they could help and we had no formal way to accept donations of money or supplies. We also needed a place to share the cats that we had rescued so that they could hopefully be reunited with their families or adopted into wonderful new homes. Fire Cat Farm was conceived for this purpose. We incorporated as a non-profit organization dedicated to animal rescue in March, 2019 and applied for our 501(c)(3) tax exempt charitable organization status which was granted in April. As the Camp Fire relief efforts ended, we moved on to new adventures.


Fire Cat Farm has a Facebook page where you can donate to our current projects, an Amazon wish list, and a Paypal account. Donations can also be sent directly to Fire Cat Farm. Donations can be made to specific projects if desired.

As our rescue grows we will continue to add missions to meet our goals of conducting animal rescue at the local level.  We will continue our work of rescuing feral cats, concentrating on programs to address cat overpopulation more effectively and change perceptions about feral and community cats.


We are proud of the work we do to provide a safe place to help displaced cats to heal and either return to their previous lives or embark on new lives. We support TNR (trap/neuter/release to a safe place) for community/feral cats who have lost their habitat. We also will work to foster and eventually adopt those cats that are unable to return to their previous lives.

One of our projects is the development of "catios" or outdoor living enclosures for our cats so that they were not in a caged environment.  Each catio we build is a bit different in design and purpose. We are excited to build upon what we learned during our Camp Fire rescue efforts and apply these concepts to new projects!  


Beginning in the fall of 2019, we began a project to support horse rescue efforts in the Lewiston, Idaho area. Every month a small group of dedicated people attend the Lewiston Livestock sale to save a couple of deserving horses from the slaughter pipeline. They are rehabbed and evaluated by professionals and eventually rehomed to new families.